Following disputes: Ray Fisher's Cyborg to be dropped from 'The Flash' entirely

The original idea was a duo of Cyborg and The Flash

by Pierre Lorenz on January 6, 2021

"Justice League" hero Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, will not be appearing with The Flash in the film by the same name after all. This might have come as a surprise a few weeks ago, but after the public dispute between Fisher and the Warner executives, the matter is now clear. The disputes already began in Joss Whedon's "Justice League" times, when Fisher publicly accused the director of "disgusting, offensive and unprofessional" behavior. Warner and DC Films executives also got their comeuppance, as they were blamed for covering Whedon's behavior as well. At the end of last year, Fisher again made statements about DC Films president Walter Hamada, calling him a liar regarding the investigation of Whedon's behavior at the time. To top it all off, Fisher affirmed that as long as Hamada was in office, he would no longer work for DC. As it has now been announced, Hamada's contract has been extended until 2023, which rules out any collaboration with Ray Fisher in the near future. A replacement for the upcoming "The Flash" movie currently does not seem to be planned. So what will happen with other DC movies in the future is yet to be seen. The release date of "The Flash" is on November 4, 2022 under the direction of "IT" director Andy Muschietti.

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