Spoiler danger on the Internet regarding "Avengers: Endgame

Reddit and Co are full of unmarked plot information

by Pierre Lorenz on April 17, 2019

Although Avengers Endgame will not be released in the US for five days, many spoilers have

been adding up over the last part of the Avengers saga since last week. For example, a four-

minute video showing different key scenes of the film was published on the internet. The

video not only anticipates a few gags, but also clarifies important questions and fan theories

that currently exist on relevant Internet platforms such as Reddit. Since there are many trolls

on the Internet who want to spoil the movie for the fans, it is not advisable to follow too

much gossip around the new Avengers movie, even if this is difficult in view of the gigantic


Avengers Endgame will be released next friday, April 26th.

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