"Orphan 3" is currently in development

William Brent Bell to take over as director again

by Jonas Reichel on December 15, 2023

The orphan strikes again! Director William Brent Bell announced in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that "Orphan 3" is officially in development.

"Orphan" was released in 2009, a horror film that won over fans of the genre and was a great success with box office takings of almost 78 million dollars. This was followed 13 years later by the prequel "Orphan: First Kill" , which, however, fell short of expectations. Nevertheless, it seems that the story of Esther is far from over, as director William Brent Bell revealed in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that the next chapter is already in development. Bell is looking forward to "Orphan 3" and emphasized that anything is now possible.

We can currently assume that Isabelle Fuhrmann will return in her role as the orphan Esther - but there is no confirmation as yet.