After a disappointing "Justice League" performance: Henry Cavill about to return as Superman?

These films are eligible for a return...

by Pierre Lorenz on May 28, 2020

So far Henry Cavill has not been able to convince one hundred percent in his role as Superman. After the relatively successful debut in "Man Of Steel", the films "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" and "Justice League" followed, which were controversial among critics and fans. No wonder that Warner Bros. put Cavill and his character Superman on hold for the time being. As Deadline now reports, contrary to all expectations a return of Superman seems to be imminent.

In any case, this is not supposed to be a big solo film, because according to the latest media reports Warner is negotiating with Cavill about a rather smaller appearance in an already announced movie. But which films are actually suitable for Cavill's return?

For Wonder Woman 1984 and "The Suicide Squad" the shooting has already been completed and also for "The Batman" an appearance of the 37-year-old seems very unlikely.

In a much earlier production phase there are "Aquaman 2", "Black Adam" or even "Shazam 2". In all three of them an appearance of Superman could be included, even though there is no reliable information about the three movies yet, because of the missing story.

Quite interesting is the fact that a long time ago a montage by the artist Bosslogic appeared, where Superman and Black Adam are seen during a fight. Both of them seem to be in not too good shape in the picture after a pretty bad fight, although Superman at least seems to have air supremacy on his side. The clou about this is that Bosslogic probably didn't create this picture entirely of his own free will. He is supposed to have been specifically requested by The Rocks Team to create a picture of Superman finishing off Black Adam. According to the artist himself, it seemed strange to him, because why would The Rock explicitly ask for a picture where he himself was attacked?

What do you think? Is it just a nice looking fan art or is there maybe more to it?

We will find out more about it in the near future, after all the shooting of Black Adam is about to start. The Us-release of "Black Adam" is planned for 22.12.2021

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