Deadpool 3. Two female authors were engaged for the project

After a long period of uncertainty, the franchise could pick up speed again

by Pierre Lorenz on November 20, 2020

Even Ryan Reynolds wasn't sure after the Disney takeover of 20th Century Fox whether a third "Deadpool" film could be expected in the future. Surprisingly, however, there is good news for the large "Deadpool" fan community, because as Variety reports, the two sisters Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux were hired as screenwriters. Until now, they were known mainly as executive producers of the animation series "Bob's Burgers", so the humor seems to be in line with the "Deadpool" franchise. Of course, this doesn't mean that the third offshoot will suddenly become youth-friendly, since Variety assumes, based on reliable sources, that a much harder R-rating is planned again. Rob Liefeld, the creator of the film series, must nevertheless dampen the joy of many fans a bit, because even under perfect conditions, completion would take at least two years after the start of shooting, and of course tends to take longer. Still, Liefeld sounds much more optimistic; in May he was still talking about the fact that there will be no reunion with Deadpool for the next five years.

In any case, we hope that the standstill on "Deadpool 3" will soon come to an end and that we can surprise you with more positive news in the near future.

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