The Witcher: Henry Cavill got injured while filming

There is still good news in terms of new photo material

by Pierre Lorenz on December 17, 2020

At the present time, things are not going well for the shooting of the second season of "The Witcher". Recently, the production had to be halted due to staff members who had tested positive. Now it is the main actor himself who has to put a stop to the recordings. As Deadline reports, the 37-year-old actor suffered a not inconsiderable leg injury on a kind of obstacle course. The result: A break from filming for our witcher, for now at least. Even so, the production crew continues filming and tries to shoot as many scenes as possible without the main character. Let's hope that Cavill and the "Witcher" team will recover well from this setback. There is good news nonetheless. The marketing team asked on Twitter whether fans would rather see cuts from season 1 or a surprise. "The Witcher" fans clearly decided in favor of the surprise, and that came promptly, because shortly afterwards, new images for the new season were published. So, the next question was, whether the fans would rather see a script page or another surprise. Here, too, the fans opted for the latter. It is to be expected that even more content will be released in the upcoming days. We are definitely excited.

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