Black Panther 3: The Next Sequel is in the Works

The cast is to have a break beforehand

by Pierre Lorenz on January 12, 2023

Many were taken by surprise when "Black Panther" actress Letitia Wright unexpectedly talked about a third part in an interview during the Pre-Show at the Golden Globes. More than two months after the release of "Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever", Wright announced that another sequel was already in the works. The cast and crew have had an intense two years, she added, and will have to take a break for now. However, she is looking forward to the audience then being able to watch the third installment. Since Disney has not yet spoken about another film, the statement comes more or less out of nowhere, but should of course please MCU fans. Following her statement, she still tried to qualify what was said before. But it looks pretty much as though "Black Panther 3" is actually in the works.

Considering the success of the two movies released so far, "Black Panther 3" seemed very likely anyway. However, as an involved actress, Wright now finally buried all possible doubts. We are eager to see whether an official statement from Disney or Marvel boss Kevin Feige will be made in the coming days and are already upbeat about the next news on "Black Panther 3".

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