Red Sonja: Lead Actress Has Been Found for the Conan Fighter

The film adaptation has already been in the works for more than ten years

by Pierre Lorenz on May 6, 2021

There finally seems to be some progress on the long overdue "Red Sonja" movie adaptation. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Hannah John-Kamen has been cast as the leading role of the fearless fighter. The 31-year-old is certainly known to many for her role as Ghost in "Ant-Man and the Wasp" or as a supporting actress in the latest "Tomb Raider" movie adaptation. Now, then, she is set to play Red Sonja from the "Conan" fantasy comics, who has been around since 1973 and has even become so popular over the years that she got her own comic book series. What exactly the film adaptation will look like is unfortunately still unclear, but we hope that after almost ten years of production trouble, the ball will finally start rolling. 

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