New Snyder Film: "Rebel Moon" to Appear on Netflix

After "Army of the Dead", this is his second major project with the streaming service

by Pierre Lorenz on July 6, 2021

Zack Snyder can hardly come to rest lately. After his success with "Justice League: Snyder Cut" and the zombie blockbuster "Army of the Dead", he is now not only producing "Army of Thieves", but on top of that he is working on his new Netflix project "Rebel Moon". The new movie doesn't have a lot to do with zombies or superheroes anymore, instead it goes high up. In fact, it goes very high up, because "Rebel Moon" is about a peaceful colony on the outer reaches of our galaxy that is being terrorized by the villain Belisarius. The only salvation for the defenseless people seems to be a young woman with a mysterious past, and so they send her to recruit militant support on the neighboring planet. Director and producer Snyder not only contributes to the script himself, but he also calls in his old companions Shay Hatten and Kurt Johnstad. The former also worked on the screenplay of "Army of the Dead", while Johnstad collaborated on the classic "300". Shooting is scheduled to begin relatively soon following the completion of the script at the beginning of next year.

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