Wonder Woman 3: The Plot is Becoming Clearer

She is to be joined by Aquaman, among others

by Pierre Lorenz on November 25, 2021

After "Wonder Woman 1984" was rather a flop than a hit, it was unclear for a long time as to how the "Wonder Woman" franchise should proceed. "Wonder Woman 3" was indeed confirmed almost a year ago, but in the meantime it did not seem as if the production was making any noticeable progress. In early November, leading actress Gal Gadot confirmed once again that work on the script was still underway. As reported by the US site "That Hashtag Show", the first details about the story have already been leaked by a trustworthy source. It is said that Asteria, played by Lynda Carter, who appeared in the end credits scene of "Wonder Woman 1984", will be featured again. She and the female protagonist must find a man named Arion, as his parents are from both Atlantis and Themyscira, and thus he would have the gift of unifying both realms. As the story unfolds, Wonder Woman is then expected to team up with Aquaman to neutralize the maddened Arion. In the current version of the script, the DC superhero Blue Beetle, who will even get his own solo movie, is also believed to play a role. What are your thoughts on the rumors surrounding "Wonder Woman 3"? Do you think an appearance of Blue Beetle and Aquaman would be realistic, or do you feel it is still way too early to speculate? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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