New Netflix project: This successful novel will be adapted into a movie!

Supposedly the script is already finished

by Pierre Lorenz on September 26, 2019

The extremely successful science fiction novel "Good Morning, Midnight" will now be turned

into a film in a new Netflix project in cooperation with a Hollywood superstar. No one less

than George Clooney will direct the new project and at the same time slip into one of the

leading roles. According to the Deadline magazine, Mark L Smith's script has already been

written and the production company Smokehouse, owned by Clooney, is now waiting for

production to start in October.

The content of Lily Brook-Dalton's novel is the story of two scientists and their fates.

Augustine, played by Clooney, is in search of the question of infinity. After an incident at his

research station at the North Pole happens, he evacuates everyone and decides to be the

only one left behind. Shortly afterwards, he meets the mysterious girl Iris, with whom he has

to deal from now on in one place isolated from the outside world. On the other hand, the

fate of the astronaut Sullivan is thematized, who explored the planet Jupiter with her team

and is now supposed to return to Earth. However, they lose contact with Earth and now

seem to be lost in the vastness of space.

All those who are interested in this exciting topic will have to wait at least until autumn next

year till the cinema start.

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