Kingsman - The Secret Service: New third part planned

The script is supposedly already finished

by Pierre Lorenz on October 17, 2019

Mark Millars comic adaptation Kingsman - The secret service films have been quite successful. While in the first part the spies Colin Firth, Mark Strong and newcomer Taron Eggerton were still relatively close to the original comic, the sequel The Golden Circle had its completely own story. A sequel to the very popular Kingsman movies seems inevitable. Even a prequel with the simple name The King's Man will be shown on the big screen next year and Hollywood stars like Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton and Daniel Brühl will be part of the cast. In addition, a third part of the original film series will be added, as main actor Taron Eggerton now confirmed. The script for it is supposed to be finished already. More precisely, he reported that director Matthew Vaughn had even planned right at the beginning a trilogy for the Eggsy storyline. However, there is still a small downside for fans of the series, because after the release of the prequel Vaughn wants to take a break before he finishes his trilogy.

The Prequel The Kings Man will be released next year on February 14, 2020.

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