"Alien: Isolation" with its own animated series

This is the number of episodes in the new season

by Robin Klaiber on February 21, 2019

An animation series for the video game Alien Isolation from 2014 will be created. Seven episodes are supposed to be released, which will probably get the age rating 18+. The release date could be already in April, and also be free of charge on the official Alien website. Sounds good at first, since the 2014 Alien Survival horror game, which is based on Ridley Scott's film Alien The Eerie Being from a Foreign World, received good reviews. The crux of the matter is that there is no official statement yet, which sounds unlikely at a release in less than a month, but could also be an advertising flyer to heat up the fans. So we can be curious if we will be surprised with a release overnight or if there will be official announcements from the Alien Team.

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