Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise Causes a Sensation with a Motorcycle Stunt

Indeed, the actor himself calls it the "most dangerous stunt of his career"

by Pierre Lorenz on May 13, 2021

Things are heating up again in the "Mission Impossible" franchise. Lead actor Tom Cruise recently commented on a clip from the shooting of the seventh part that has been circulating on the Web for months. The talk is about a really daring motorcycle stunt that took place during the movie's shooting in Norway. Tom Cruise himself is seen riding off a long ramp into the abyss, opening his parachute at the last moment. After many extraordinary stunts by the 58-year-old, a new climax seems to have been reached in the most literal sense of the word. Speaking in an interview with Empire, he himself sees it the same way and sums up that a single puff of wind would have been enough to knock him off balance. In addition, he had to be careful not to get entangled on the motorcycle, as otherwise he would have fallen with the motorcycle into the depths. Considering that the actor is already celebrating his 60th birthday next year, the performance is all the more amazing. Another sneak peek is provided by a picture that shows the actor standing nonchalantly on a moving train. 

You can find out what the whole film will look like when it's released on May 27, 2022. 

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