Watch Dogs Becomes a Movie!

The "Watch Dogs" franchise consists of three games

by Jonas Reichel on March 12, 2024

Video game adaptations are more popular than ever, regardless of whether they are movies or series. So it is hardly surprising that an increasing amount of studios are deciding to adapt their games for the screen. This also applies to Ubisoft, who want to bring the next action-packed franchise to life after "Assassin's Creed": The talk is of "Watch Dogs"!

Deadline has announced that "Talk To Me" star Sophie Wilde is to take on a key role in "Watch Dogs", though no further details are known yet. The film, which is set in the universe of Ubisoft's blockbuster video game series of the same name, will be directed by French director Mathieu Turi. He has already directed several genre films such as "Meander" and "Hostile" and is also planning a TV adaptation of the acclaimed action adventure game "A Plague Tale: Innocence".

The script for "Watch Dogs" was penned by Christie LeBlanc, known for the science fiction thriller "Oxygen". The story of the movie is still a mystery, but we can expect it to be based on the games. The "Watch Dogs" universe takes us into the underworld of various fictionalized cities in which hackers have to deal with large corporations, crime bosses and other hostile groups. A central element is a computer network that connects all the electronic devices in a city and stores the personal data of its citizens. The player can use this for puzzles as well as in combat.

Whether the movie will actually make it to the big screen remains to be seen. After all, plans for a movie adaptation of the game have been in the pipeline for over 10 years. However, it looks like the project is finally gaining momentum.

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