Indiana Jones 5: Steven Spielberg's sequel is no longer in the works

The chaotic planning phase has not been promising for quite some time

by Pierre Lorenz on September 30, 2020

The original plan was to bring Steven Spielberg's "Indiana Jones 5" to the big screen last year. However, in the end, shooting has not even begun and James Mangold has taken over the director's chair for the long term after Spielberg announced his resignation in early 2020. Many are still wondering why, after all, Spielberg has been one of the most renowned and capable directors in Hollywood for decades. In an interview with Den Of Geek, David Koepp, who also recently resigned as screenwriter, brings some light into the darkness, because especially the interaction between Spielberg, Harrison Ford, the script and Disney turned out to be extremely difficult in retrospect. Nevertheless, there was apparently no scandal behind the scenes, because Koepp and Mangold spoke out on a professional level, whereupon Mangold thought it was the appropriate step to turn the fifth "Indiana Jones" part completely upside down and start from scratch. The current start date is still July 28, 2022, but fans shouldn't be too sure yet due to the current situation. What do you think: do you give James Mangold a chance or do you think an "Indiana Jones 5" without Spielberg is not a real "Indiana Jones"? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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