Horror elements in otherwise family-friendly Marvel

The new series "Helstrom" could be released soon

by Pierre Lorenz on October 10, 2019

The next years are not only filled with Marvel movies, but also some Marvel series will celebrate their release in the next years. For example The Falcon, the Winter Soldier or Wandavision. Another Marvel series, which has no direct connection to the MCU, will be released next year, namely the very dark series Helstrom, which revolves around the offspring of a serial killer. much more about the story isn't really known yet, but some actors are. The main roles are the siblings Daimon and Ana Helstrom, who are played by Tom Austen, known from The Royals, and Sydney Lemmon from Fear the Walking Dead. both of the characters live kind of double life, while Daimon lectures as a professor during the day and Ana runs an auction house, both of them go on a demon hunt at night.

In the cartoon both are children of the devil. Her mother had to be admitted to a psychiatric ward when she found out who her husband really was.

Regarding the comics, Helstrom is part of the Helstrom storyline as part of the Ghost Rider comics. The series is to be produced for Hulu, the release year is set for 2020.

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