Director Christopher Landon Leaves "Scream 7"

"Scream 7" currently has neither a director nor lead actors

by Jonas Reichel on December 27, 2023

One piece of bad news followed by another: after part 7 of the popular horror series has already seen the departure of two leading actresses, director Christopher Landon has now also thrown in the towel - the future of the franchise seems uncertain.

Landon announced his decision to leave "Scream 7" via X and spoke clearly:

"It was a dream job that turned into a nightmare. And my heart did break for everyone involved."

Landon's exit is likely to be interpreted as a reaction to the departure of two stars from the previous films. Only recently, Melissa Barrera was fired from the production because her statements on social media were perceived as anti-semitic by the production company Spyglass. Some time later, Jenna Ortega also left the production - officially because she was unavailable due to the filming of the second season of "Wednesday". In addition, the actress is said to have demanded significantly more money, which Spyglass did not want to pay.

The future of the franchise is now truly on shaky ground and so fans are asking themselves the legitimate question of how the sequel could come about without the involvement of the two leading actresses and director Landon. According to initial rumors, a complete reboot could be imminent, with a stronger focus on the characters from the old films.