Dune: First impression of the new mega-villain

However, we still have to wait for a longer video appearance

by Pierre Lorenz on September 18, 2020

In December the time has finally come: the top-class science fiction epic "Dune" will be released. In the past few weeks, we have already had a glimpse of the giant sand worms and the Atreides family. Now the villain Baron Harkonnen has been unveiled. The whole thing, however, was not revealed at all by secret pictures from the set or leaked film clips, but by a Dune action figure, which will be available in the USA in autumn. Until now, the Baron was only seen hidden in wafts of mist and mud baths, but now we can take a first look at the villain's outfit. Fans of the previous film adaptations already know that Baron Harkonnen is distinguished above all by his incredibly massive stature. In fact, he is so massive that he needs a floating space suit to move around, and it is exactly this suit that the toy now shows us. As director Denis Villeneuve told Vanity Fair, the baron is said to be much more frightening in the new interpretation than in the previous ones, which were always presented in a rather ridiculous way due to their fullness of body. Villeneuve emphasized that he did not want the baron to degenerate into a caricature, which is why actor Stellan Skarsgård and his terrifying appearance fit the role of the baron perfectly. We hope that we will soon be able to present you real footage of Baron Harkonnen and are very excited about the expected release of "Dune" on 12/18/2020.

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