News about the planned "Akira" real film adaption

Infos zu Regisseur und Cast veröffentlicht

by Pierre Lorenz on May 29, 2019

Warner has been developing an Akira film based on the anime model for several years now.

The film giant has already secured the rights in 2009.

Now there are news regarding the release date as well as the director.

The director's position was filled with Taika Waititi and that's not too much of a surprise, as

he already outed himself in an interview a year ago as a big fan of the series and at the same

time made it clear that he doesn't want to produce a remake of the 80s anime film. Instead,

he wants to stick strictly to the manga original and commit mainly Asian and not so well

known actors for his cast.

In the focus of the story is a young motorcycle gang, which is involved in all kinds of conflicts.

Alongside other groups, they are competing in a tough race for the mysterious Akira, who

lies in a laboratory and whose awakening is supposed to conjure up the apocalypse.

Until this story is made into a film, Waititi has other projects, especially his war satire Jojo

Rabbit, which will be shown in cinemas in autumn. After that the production will be started

quickly, after all Akira will be released in the cinemas in May 2021.

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