James Bond: When Will There Be a New 007 Motion Picture?

Barbara Broccoli comments on the future of the film series

by Pierre Lorenz on June 29, 2022

There is hardly any action film series that enjoys such a cult status as "James Bond". The British spy, who was created by author Ian Fleming in as early as 1953, has been part of movie history since 1962. Now, ever since "No Time to Die", it has been made clear that Daniel Craig will no longer be taking on the role of the 00 agent. Producer Barbara Broccoli disclosed the current status of the now 26th Bond film in an interview with Deadline. According to her, the filming of a new movie alone would take place in two years at the earliest, which is nothing particularly unusual for the film series. Since there is still plenty of time before shooting begins, they have not even started to look for a successor to Craig just yet. As it is, many signs suggest a reimagining of the James Bond character and a new approach in the upcoming film. Indeed, many fans hope that the cult figure will not fall victim to a total makeover. For instance, "No Time to Die" already toyed with the idea that at least the agent number 007 will be filled by Lashana Lynch in the future, who in some form could also be given a spin-off film. 

What direction do you think the Bond franchise will continue to evolve in? And what are your expectations for the 26th Bond film? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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