"Poltergeist" Becomes a Series

Amazon will be responsible for the series

by Jonas Reichel on November 8, 2023

Pure terror: Tobe Hooper's horror classic "Poltergeist" is to receive a new series adaptation set in the world of the original.

Among horror fans, the horror film "Poltergeist" is still considered a major classic. The film focuses on the Freeling family, who move into a new house only to discover that a bunch of ghosts are up to mischief. After the ghosts kidnap the family's youngest daughter, the rest of the family join forces with a spiritual medium and parapsychologists to free the child from the demons' clutches. The original from 1982 proved to be a great success at the time and was also nominated for 3 Academy Awards. After two sequels, a remake followed in 2015.

According to Variety, the story is now set to return in the form of a series, for which Amazon MGM Studios will be responsible. With "Poltergeist: The Legacy", MGM has already produced a series that came to an end in 1999. Unfortunately, there is currently no more detailed information about the plot of the new series. We are keeping an eye on the project!

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