Free Guy 2: Disney Wants a Sequel for the Video Game Blockbuster

Lead actor Ryan Reynolds comments on the project very ironically

by Pierre Lorenz on August 14, 2021

This summer, Disney hit the bull's eye with "Free Guy". In terms of content, the film ranges somewhere in between "The Truman Show", "The Matrix" and an open-world video game. This hybrid was well received by critics, movie audiences as well as the typically critical gamer community. Thus, in this day and age, it's not surprising that they want to directly follow up with a sequel. Main actor Ryan Reynolds, whose performance is largely responsible for the movie's success, appears to have nothing but scorn for this idea, however. The 44-year-old tweets that Disney has marketed "Free Guy" as an IP film for three years, in other words as a completely original story and not a spin-off of an already well-known franchise, only to now want to turn it into a film series. No official announcement has yet been made about the desire for a sequel, though in light of Reynolds' tweet and the extremely lucrative opening weekend, it seems more than plausible. Simply put, using the words of the Deadpool star: Woo hoo! 

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