House Of The Dragon

GOT prequel in progress

by Pierre Lorenz on October 31, 2019

A few days ago the US channel HBO placed an order for a prequel to its successful series GOT. House of Dragons will be the offshoot of the main series and will take place a good 300 years before the events of GOT. The length of the prequel will be ten episodes and will be based on the book Fire and Blood by the author George R R Martin. The house Targaryen, to which also dragon king Daenerys belongs, shall be in the focus. Shortly before the announcement of HBO, several US media had reported that HBO was pursuing another project from GOT that would play thousands of years before the main story. An pilot with actress Naomi Watts was shot in Northern Ireland this year. However, rumours are spreading that this series has now been cancelled after all.

The release date of House of Dragons as well as the cast is not yet known.

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