New Director Found for "Godzilla x Kong" Sequel

Adam Wingard is currently working on a horror flick for A24

by Jonas Reichel on June 7, 2024

After Adam Wingard announced his retirement from the MonsterVerse at the end of May, the search for a new director for the "Godzilla x Kong" sequel began at full speed. Now it seems that they have found what they were looking for.

The director of "Godzilla x Kong 2" is set to be Australian filmmaker Grant Sputore, who previously directed the science fiction thriller "I Am Mother" with Hilary Swank. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new monster blockbuster will be written by Dave Callaham, who previously worked on "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" as well as "Mortal Kombat", for example, but he was also behind the story of Godzilla in 2014.

Sputore thus succeeds Adam Wingard, who left the universe of Godzilla and Kong for the time being in order to devote himself to the A24 horror film "Onslaught". However, this doesn't mean that we won't be seeing any more MonsterVerse movies from Wingard. After all, the director has repeatedly expressed his desire to bring his trilogy to an end.

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