Batman soon in the Joker's world too?

"Joker" director Todd Phillips explains why he can easily imagine this

by Pierre Lorenz on January 8, 2020

First of all, it should be said that the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix stands completely on its own, of course. This means that there is no overlap with other DCEU films. However, this does not exclude the possibility that a Batman could also exist in the world of Joker - we have already seen little Bruce Wayne in the Joker movie.

Director Todd Phillips now announced in an interview with Variety that he could definitely imagine a Batman in "his" Gotham City, after all his version of the city is beautiful. But he immediately stated that he would not be the suitable director for this. Understandable, since he's not sure if he wants to make a Joker 2 at all - not to mention a Batman movie. Hasty news portals already announced during the cinema release of Joker that a second part has been decided. Nevertheless, Todd Phillips quickly contradicted those rumors, because according to his own statement, the current state of affairs is that all sides are open for talks, but nothing more.

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