Spy Kids reboot: Robert Rodriguez again planned as director

The remake is to appear on Netflix

by Pierre Lorenz on March 30, 2022

Many children of the 90s should be familiar with the "Spy Kids" franchise, because the family movie by Robert Rodriguez, released in 2001, has become iconic. There are already a total of four movies and even an animated series, and as we learned this week, another movie is currently in the planning stages.

As Deadline reports, Netflix is planning a reboot of the children's movie series and, as with every previous movie, Rodriguez will once again take a seat in the director's chair. Together with him, Netflix thus wants to raise "Spy Kids" to a contemporary level, which should certainly please many. In addition, the 53-year-old Rodriguez is still the screenwriter and producer of the movie at the same time. He and Netflix have also already proven that they can work well together, as the 2020 children's superhero movie "We Can be Heroes" was also directed by him.

Of course, we shouldn't expect the familiar cast to return as the titular Spy Kids; after all, some of the two kids from the first part are already over 30 and don't quite pass for kids anymore. In any case, we are looking forward to Robert Rodriguez's new "Spy Kids" movie, a release date is unfortunately not yet known.

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