Soon new trailer for Tim Miller's "Terminator 6"

Already now there are pictures on the official Twitter channel

by Pierre Lorenz on May 16, 2019

Director Tim Miller recently announced that a trailer for Terminator 6: Dark Fate with Arnold

Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will be released soon.

The film's official Twitter channel featured a photo from the editing room showing Hamilton

in her role as Sarah Connor with a bazooka on her shoulder. Underneath is a statement by

Miller, which reads as follows:

"I like to spend every #TerminatorDay in a dark room thinking dark thoughts & our edit bay

is the perfect place! We're here putting the finishing touches on our FIRST TRAILER-we're

just weeks away from releasing this fucker into the wild & we're very, very excited."

However, they seems to have missed out on an exact date for the first trailer, as Miller's few

lines unfortunately don't reveal this. But if you believe the statements, it won't take too


Hopefully we'll learn a bit more about the plot, because so far it's only known that

Schwarzenegger and Hamilton will return to their cult roles, but nothing more. The plot will

be located directly after Terminator 2, as it has been known for quite some time.

on November first, 2019 you will be able to see Terminator 6: Dark Fate in cinemas in the US.

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