She-Hulk: So What Are the Prospects of a Series Continuation?

The MCU series is very controversial among fans

by Pierre Lorenz on October 20, 2022

Since August, the new "She-Hulk" series has been available on Disney+. Before its release, the series made negative headlines due to a trailer with bad CGI, and thus, the signs were anything but good, as is now reflected in the viewer ratings. While many critics liked at least a few aspects of the series, the opinions of the majority of MCU fans were anything but positive. Overall, without going into detail, we must admit that the general reception is mediocre at best. 

Now the big question is: What's next for "She-Hulk" and title character Jennifer Walters after the brilliant finale? If we look at the general series policy within the MCU, it is noticeable that only very few series actually get the chance for a second season, including the beloved "Loki" series, for example. Even lead actress Tatiana Maslany considers the chance for a second season to be slim, as she recently acknowledged in an interview with Extra. Internally, she had not heard anything about a second season. Likewise conceivable and in our view not unlikely is an appearance of Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk in one of the upcoming Marvel movies, perhaps even with her cousin Bruce Banner or her ex-client Abomination. One possible appearance would be in "Captain America: New World Order", since actor Tim Blake Nelson also shows up there as Leader.

At the moment, we unfortunately have little choice but to resort to speculations, so we hope to get an official announcement from Marvel very soon. 

What are your thoughts on the "She-Hulk" series? Do you like the new MCU character? And would you consider watching a second season? Or are you among the fans who were let down by the performance? Feel free to let us know in the comments! 

Image of Man of Steel 2, She-Hulk Season 2, Captain America 4: New World Order