The Walking Dead: Connection between main series and new spinoff

Scott M. Gimple reveals first details of the story

by Pierre Lorenz on January 10, 2020

The Walking Dead: Beyond is the second spin-off of the main series and will be released this

year. Much about the content is not yet known, despite an already released trailer. All we

know is that the story takes place about ten years after the zombie apocalypse and that the

focus is on a group of young people.

In order to classify the series better, Scott M. Gimple, one of the leading heads behind The

Walking Dead, now provides some information in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

According to Gimple, the series will stand on its own, and the location is the east coast of the

USA. Moreover, the plot will be pretty much the same as the current season of the main

series. So it's no wonder that there are already discussions about a possible crossover

behind the scenes. But we can't assume that this will happen directly in the first season.

It should also be remembered that the main focus is not the crossover with the main series,

but rather to show that the world of The Walking Dead is simply more diverse and bigger

than we know it so far. Gimple also gives a little hint about the constellation of the

teenagers, namely the group is supposed to leave their protected settlement in order to

track down the father of two members, as well as other things.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will be ten episodes at first and will be released this spring

on the US channel AMC. At the same time, the series will be launched on Amazon Prime,

similar to the first spin-off Fear The Walking Dead. We can probably expect that an exact

release date will be announced soon.

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