Justice League: Lots of information on new Snyder cut released

Especially the release date may delight many fans

by Pierre Lorenz on February 2, 2021

As Zack Snyder personally confirmed a few days ago, his "Justice League" version is already coming to HBO Max on March 18th. On Twitter, this announcement is underlined with three new posters, which are completely kept in black and white tones. In addition, there are new shots of Cyborg, the Joker and Wonder Woman, that also make you curious for more. Meanwhile, it is also clear that the film will probably be shown in one piece and not, as announced at the DC FanDome in the summer, as a mini-series. Admittedly, a series would not have been that far-fetched, since the film is said to last four hours, thus being even longer than "The Irishman". Compared to the original, a total of 150 minutes of new material will be shown, which is why critics of Joss Whedon's version should still get their money's worth. Last but not least, the age restriction has been leaked, according to which the film will get the infamous R-rating. We are definitely eager to see the movie, even though Warner Bros. has not yet made its streaming service HBO Max available outside of the US.

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