Mark Hamill hired as dubbing actor: The cast of the "Chucky" remake is slowly but surely set

Furthermore: This distinguishes the new edition from the original

by Robin Klaiber on March 31, 2019

None other than Star Wars icon and Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill will dub the vicious killer doll in Chucky's remake. On Twitter he published a short video that shows him how he will present Chucky in Childs Play. However, the story of the remake will be different than in the original. Instead of an obsession by the serial killer Charles Lee Ray or briefly called Chucky, in the new part a malfunction of a toy will lead the doll to develop murderous intentions. This time it is even equipped with artificial intelligence and does not come from a dark cellar laboratory, but from a worldwide operating company. Mark Hamill will be joined by his colleagues Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman and Tim Matheson. Both original producer david Kirschner and the creator of the original film Don Mancini won't have anything to do with the remake. The cinema release for all fans of the new killer doll will be on June 21, 2019.

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