The Zombie Hit Returns: Danny Boyle & Alex Garland Plan "28 Years Later"!

The new "28 Days Later" sequel is set to kick off an entire trilogy

by Tom Hartig on January 11, 2024

Fans of suspenseful zombie movies have reason to rejoice: Danny Boyle and Alex Garland, the creative minds behind the horror hit "28 Days Later", are now planning a further sequel to the 2002 zombie thriller with "28 Years Later".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "28 Years Later" will not only be the next film in the series after "28 Weeks Later", in which Boyle and Garland were solely involved as producers. The new work is set to be the start of an entire trilogy. Boyle is directing the first movie, while Garland will write the screenplays for all three parts - each with a budget of around 75 million dollars. Over the years, Boyle and Garland have repeatedly talked about possible sequels, but have now decided on the concept of "28 Years Later".

"28 Days Later" was hugely successful over 20 years ago, revitalizing the zombie genre and providing lead actor Cillian Murphy with the final breakthrough in his career, which most recently reached a new peak with "Oppenheimer". It is not yet clear when, where and how "28 Years Later" will be released - at the moment, Boyle and Garland are presenting the project to various studios and streaming providers.

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