Superman: Dwayne Johnson Settles a Score with DC

In a video, the "Black Adam" actor expressed himself clearly

by Pierre Lorenz on November 24, 2022

When Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson uploaded an almost seven-minute video on Wednesday, many asked themselves what important things the 50-year-old had to say. First, he praised his film "Black Adam", which is currently playing in theaters, and the fact that the Justice Society of America is now known to a wider audience thanks to him. However, this was followed above all by sharp words in the direction of the former DC management. According to him, it was inexplicable and equally unforgivable that the studio did not bring back Henry Cavill as Superman earlier. Through years of persuasion, he said, he and Dany as well as Hiram Garcia of his production company, Seven Bucks, succeeded in bringing Henry Cavill back into the DC universe. One of Johnson's biggest rivals within DC was Walter Hamada, who was still the president of DC until a few weeks ago. Now that Hamada has moved on to Paramount Pictures, nothing stands in the way of a "Man of Steel" sequel with Cavill, due largely to Johnson's relentless efforts. 

Many fans will surely appreciate this, as Cavill is an absolute favorite among fans and shaped the character of Superman in a similar manner to Christopher Reeve in his early days as Clark Kent. We are definitely looking forward to the upcoming movie around Cavill's Superman and are looking forward to more updates. A release date has not been fixed yet. 

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