"Tron: Ares": Jared Leto has found a new director

After years of standstill, plans are finally moving forward

by Pierre Lorenz on August 10, 2020

A few days ago Deadline reported that there is now finally a candidate for the new "Tron" part. He is called Garth Davis and is said to have convinced the responsible people at Disney to entrust him with this important task. Davis has so far been able to convince mainly with smaller productions like the multiple Oscar nominated "Lion". "Tron: Ares" will certainly not be an easy task for the director. After all, the franchise can look back on the cult film "Tron" from 1982 and the sequel "Tron: Legacy" from 2010. After the decision was made three years ago to create a new "Tron" as a kind of reboot, nothing happened for a long time. This will now change with the engagement of Davis as director and Jared Leto as actor and producer. However, according to the usual industry magazines, the green light has not yet been given, as the existing script by Jesse Wigutow still has to be completed and further developed. The title "Tron: Ares" was by the way published by Leto on Twitter, but he already deleted this post again and wrote new tweets without a specific title.

We are curious who else will be brought on board and hope we can announce the official start of production soon!

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