The Matrix 4: Official Title and First Trailer Revealed

The film is due to be released in cinemas later this year

by Pierre Lorenz on August 24, 2021

Speculation about the title has been going on for a long time, but now at CinemaCon, it was indeed confirmed that the fourth "Matrix" installment will carry the title "The Matrix: Resurrections". In keeping with this, there was even a first trailer, which was shown exclusively in Las Vegas. So we must rely on eyewitness reports. Our summary is based primarily on coverage from the outlets ScreenRant and the Hollywood Reporter.

The story is set in the San Francisco of the future and features a Thomas Anderson who apparently has no memory of the events of the past three films. He is undergoing treatment by a psychiatrist, who is played by Neill Patrick Harris, and is diligently consuming blue pills as he keeps seeing the green Matrix codes in his surroundings. In a store, Neo then meets his companion Trinity, whom he of course also doesn't recognize. Later, a young Morpheus shows up and gives Neo the red pill, whereupon he follows a strange person with a bunny tattoo through a mirror. We assume that this is the German actor Max Riemelt. These opening scenes are immediately followed by hard-hitting action in good old "Matrix" style, including martial arts, slow motion and telekinetic powers. The trailer ends with Neo meeting a man in a suit who advises him to return to the Matrix.

All sounds pretty exciting, though clearly the question is: when will we all be able to see the trailer? Looking at "Spider-Man: No Way Home", a "secret" trailer can turn into a video available to the whole movie world in no time, all depending on the respective marketing strategy, of course. We strongly expect a prompt release, after all, the film will already hit theaters on December 22. Be sure to activate the notification bell on our channel, because the release is just a matter of time ... 

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