Black Adam vs. Superman: Dwayne Johnson Will Fight With Superman!

Johnson has no clue about the exact cast, however

by Pierre Lorenz on December 8, 2021

The "Shazam" spin-off "Black Adam" will debut in theaters next summer. As main actor Dwayne Johnson announced in an exclusive story, there will be a big fight between Black Adam and Superman in the foreseeable future. He said that he doesn't know which Superman it will be or who will play him, but he is very sure that sooner or later they will clash. Meanwhile, Total Film revealed the first images of Dwayne Johson in his new costume, after we have only seen Concept Art in the past. The suit could not be more fitting and is bursting with details, including an ancient cuneiform, which of course alludes to the DC villain's historical past. The pictures are definitely worth a look and make us wait all the more eagerly for a first trailer. "Black Adam" will be released on July 29, 2022. 

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