Sonic 2: Shooting starts already in spring

The cinema release is scheduled for 2022

by Pierre Lorenz on December 2, 2020

Almost everyone can still remember the messed up conception of Sonic's appearance and the resulting outrage. What followed was an elaborate post-production and a commercially successful "Sonic The Hedgehog" movie. Of course, the announcement of a successor didn't take long, and as it looks now, the production will start soon. At least that's what many relevant websites with reference to the BC Creative Film Commission report, as an entry with the name "Emerald Hill" appeared on the website of the company responsible for the shooting. A clear hint, actually, because "Emerald Hill Zone" is also the name of a level in the second "Sonic" video game from 1992. The entry also refers to the period from March to May 2021, which would make the expected release date on April 8, 2022 quite realistic. In any case we are curious and will keep you informed as usual.

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