Lead actor Jack Black wants "Super Mario Bros. 2" to be a musical

The Bowser actor wishes for more vocal interludes

by Jonas Reichel on December 20, 2023

Super Mario as a musical? At least according to actor Jack Black, who spoke about the sequel of the popular video game adaptation in an interview.

The "Super Mario Bros." film hit like a bomb and, with worldwide box office takings of over 1.3 billion dollars, is considered one of the most successful films of 2023. So it's no wonder that the voices regarding a sequel are getting louder.

These voices include actor Jack Black, who voiced Mario's iconic antagonist Bowser in the first part. In an interview with 'Variety', Black spoke about how he is still waiting for Universal Pictures to finally give the green light for a sequel. Black - who co-wrote the popular song 'Peaches' - is a musician at heart as well as an actor. He said that he could well imagine "Super Mario Bros. 2" as a musical. In his opinion, the sequel could take the jump into this particular genre, similar to Todd Phillips' "Joker 2".

We strongly assume that Bowser will play a role in the new film once again- whether with vocal interludes or not remains uncertain. Until then, however, we're looking forward to Jack Black's appearance in Eli Roth's "Borderlands" film adaptation in August, where he borrows his voice to the iconic robot Claptrap.

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