"The Bad Guys 2" Is Coming in Late Summer 2025

Part 1 was a surprise hit

by Jonas Reichel on March 27, 2024

Time for a new coup: the likeable gang of criminals around leader Mr. Wolf sets off on a new mission in the late summer of 2025.

With global box office takings of 250 million dollars, Universal's animated adventure "The Bad Guys" was a little of a surprise success, which was also well received by fans of the original children's book series. So it's no wonder that they plan on expanding the world around the popular characters.

After a short film with the title "The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday" was released on Netflix in December last year, the sequel to the main story is set to be released on August 1, 2025. As reported by Deadline, the animal outlaws in "The Bad Guys 2" will be up against a squad of female criminals this time around.

The voice cast from part 1 will be back, of course, as will director Pierre Perifel. The film's score will once again be provided by Oscar-nominated composer Daniel Pemberton.

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