Welcome to Derry: "IT" series set some 20 years before the movie

The end of the series is supposed to smoothly transition to “IT”

by Pierre Lorenz on March 30, 2022

"IT" and "IT – Chapter Two" are among the most successful horror movies of the past decade. More than two years have passed since Chapter Two, so it came as something of a surprise when Jeff Sneider announced via The Ankler that an "IT" series was in the works. The series is to be titled "Welcome to Derry" and will function as a prequel to the two movies. The time period is set between the 1960s and 1980s and will smoothly transition into the two movies at the end of the series. There is not much information about the series, and it is not known in which form we will see IT. In the movies we already see him in other forms as Pennywise and in the books, there are considerably more ghoulish characters that IT could take on. Behind the scenes Andy and Barbara Muschietti serve as producers, the former having already directed both movies. Also, screenwriter Jason Fuchs is no stranger, because he already participated in "IT – Chapter Two" in the role of Richie's manager. By the way, Andy Muschietti will once again take a seat in the director's chair for the pilot episode – it is still unknown who is scheduled to take over after that. It is also unclear when the series will be released. We are still waiting for an official confirmation from Warner Bros.

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