The Last Of Us: One of the most popular games of all time gets its own series

US channel HBO will take care of the video game adaptation!

by Pierre Lorenz on March 12, 2020

Video game adaptations seem to be getting more and more popular, so for example adaptations of Silent Hill and Uncharted are currently in production. Now HBO announced the filming of one of the most popular PS4 games ever, The Last Of Us. The very atmospheric and emotional game can be classified somewhere between horror and survival and has thrilled many video game fans with its overwhelming story. "Unlike Netflix," "Game Of Thrones" producer HBO is not exactly known for producing mass instead of class, but rather the other way around. Examples are The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and The Wire - all award- winning series from HBO. The signing of Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin also speaks for a high-quality film adaptation. So you can almost be sure of a dark and realistic apocalyptic mood, after all he is the person behind the highly acclaimed mini-series. Also on board will be Neil Druckmann, who was significantly involved in developing the game at the time. So there is great hope for the video game adaptation, even among die-hard opponents of such film adaptations.

In any case, the series should not fail due to the available budget, even if the realization of clickers and such could become a challenging task.

At the moment the start of the second video game part of The Last Of Us is still on the agenda, but when we can expect the start of production of the series is not yet foreseeable.

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