A New "Suits" Series Is Coming

"Suits" ran for 9 seasons with 134 episodes

by Jonas Reichel on October 13, 2023

News from the judiciary: After the tremendous streaming success of the popular series "Suits" - which came to a close in 2019 - another spin-off will now follow, for which the creator of the original series will be responsible.

Netflix may have hit the jackpot with the legal drama series "Suits", as it registered more than 3.9 billion streaming minutes in just one week, making it one of the most successful series of all time. This rather unanticipated success has now resulted in NBC developing another series from the universe. Aaron Kosh, creator of the original, will once more be in charge of the project.

According to The Wrap, the series will be set in a completely new city - possibly Los Angeles - and will also feature a whole new cast. A return of the characters from the original series is unlikely. The first spin-off, "Pearson", was released in 2019 and was likewise set in a different city.