After a longer break: New "Transformers" movie has now a release date

After a long break there are further announcements around the franchise

by Pierre Lorenz on May 5, 2020

It was quiet around the Transformers franchise for a long time. At the beginning of the year the last news was that they were working on two sequels, since then we haven't heard much about the current state of developments. But that seems to be changing now, because as it has now been announced, at least one of the two films has now officially been given a US cinema release on June 24, 2022. So it's clear that the date is definitely reserved for a Transformers movie from Paramount, but which one is the question. Unfortunately there is nothing concrete known, but one thing is clear: Paramount has to bring the "Transformers" series back to the top. Especially after "Transformers 5", which by far couldn't continue the success of its predecessors, the whole series has pretty much gone off the rails. Even Michael Bay's movie "Bumblebee", which is much cheaper in comparison, couldn't bring the hoped-for results, at least it convinced more fans and critics. Now the question arises how the franchise should continue in the future, which is why the next movie will be of crucial importance for the series. At the moment there are three rumors about the content of the two movies, which of course we don't want to keep from you.

First, there is the option that Paramount is planning a Beast-Wars movie in which robots can transform into a kind of robot-animal. Secondly, a Bumblebee sequel is of course a possibility and finally, one of the two movies could just as well be a sequel to the five

"Transformers" movies, i.e. Transformers 6. However, with the latter option they would have to do it without Mark Wahlberg, as he is no longer available for a sequel.

Which option sounds most conclusive to you? Please let us know in the comments!

More news about Transformers are also available outside of the live-action series, as Deadline reports that a large-scale cartoon prequel of Transformers is also in the works. The plot will take place on the planet Cybertron, will be in the direction of Origin story, and will mainly focus on the relationship between Optimus Prime and Megatron. As director, Hasbro's studio eOne and Paramount allegedly hired none other than Josh Cooley, who recently won an Oscar for best animated film for his project "Toy Story 4". More information about the upcoming animated film is still rare, but we will keep you informed.

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