The Videogame Hit "Until Dawn" Is Being Made into a Movie!

Director David F. Sandberg is thus returning to his horror origins

by Tom Hartig on January 18, 2024

Playing the horror hit "Until Dawn" in 2015 felt like a best-of of its creepy cinematic predecessors. And now we have come full circle: The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the game is now to be made into a movie. In charge are well-known people with experience in this genre.

Director David F. Sandberg is leading this project. He most recently directed the two "Shazam!" films. However, he made his breakthrough with the horror short film "Lights Out" - which was then followed by a movie adaptation and the horror sequel "Annabelle 2".

The final script for the "Until Dawn" film comes from Gary Dauberman, who is behind successful films such as "It" as well as "Annabelle". It is being based on a version by Blair Butler, who last wrote Sony's vampire film "The Invitation".

"Until Dawn" is about eight friends in a secluded mountain lodge who experience a night of horror - involving a mysterious killer, dangerous monsters and a creepy mine. It is not known exactly how the movie adaptation will follow the original game. However, it is being described as an R-rated love letter to the horror genre, focusing primarily on the ensemble cast. While the cast has yet to be announced, the original already featured well-known stars such as Hayden Panettiere and Rami Malek.

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