Fourth major Stephen King movie of the last years in the making

With this, "The Talisman" joins the ranks of "IT" and Co.

by Robin Klaiber on March 13, 2019

When you think of Stephen King, films like The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile or It and Pet Sematary come to mind. Now a new film adaptation of his work The Talisman will be released. The film is about the twelve-year-old Jack, whose mother Lily is about to die. After he has been accommodated in a hotel with her on the run from a former business partner of his father, he meets the mysterious Speedy Parker, who teaches little Jack that he can save his mother if he travels not only through half the USA but also through mysterious territories in search of a legendary talisman. Originally, the great Stephen Spielberg had secured the right to the book, however, he never filmed it. But now he and his company Amblin Entertainment have contracted Fargo and Handmaids Tale director Mike Barker for The Talisman. The Talisman is now the fourth major Stephen King horror novel after it, Pet Sematary and the Shining sequel Doctors Sleep, which will either be released this year or are in the works.

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