Swamp Thing: Already next month a release is expected

This is what we know so far about the story

by Pierre Lorenz on April 25, 2019

Next month the new, r rated DC series Swamp Thing will be released. The ten episode horror

series is based on a 1971 released DC

Comic and has already reached a wider audience in 1989 with The Return of Swamp Thing.

The series is supposed to be about a scientist named Alec Holland, who is researching

preparations to enable people to survive under difficult conditions. However, a terrible

accident happens to him, which causes him to merge with the plants living in the swamp to

become a swamp creature. According to the author, Gary Dauberman, the aim of an age

restriction is to make Swamp Thing as creepy as possible.

Swamp Thing will be released on DC Universe on May 31st.

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