Horizon 2074: Title of Video Game Adaptation Leaked

First details of those involved are also known

by Pierre Lorenz on June 28, 2022

It has not been that long since Netflix officially revealed the production of a series based on the popular video game "Horizon Zero Dawn". As can be taken from the website of the Canadian film union "Directors Guild of Canada", the Netflix series bears the official title "Horizon 2074" and will be shot in Toronto. Also featured on the site are the first crew members, including Jack Boem, who previously assisted with the direction of "The Boys", and Michele Brady, who was the creative director for the Amazon series "The Expanse". Moreover, journalist and insider Jeff Grubb revealed in his podcast that "Horizon 2074" will not recount the events of the two video games, rather it will follow the plot after Part 2. Also, there will be two timelines, one illustrating the story of the main character Aloy and the other the downfall of human civilization. Aloy's story and the end of the world are separated by about 1000 years. That leaves a lot of potential for an extensive story that has not been told in neither of the games yet. Still, it's questionable why exactly the year 2074 shall be the focus. After all, mankind was already wiped out in the 2060s. 

We hope to have official news about "Horizon 2074" soon, though a release date has not been confirmed for Netflix yet. 

Image of Deadpool 3, Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 2, Horizon 2074