Resident Evil: Live action series confirmed on Netflix

Initially eight episodes are planned

by Pierre Lorenz on August 27, 2020

For quite some time now, there have been rumors that Netflix is working on a "Resident Evil" series. On Thursday, the rumor was finally confirmed in a Twitter post, which was accompanied by some introductory words. Among other things, the wesker-kids were mentioned, who are moving to Racoon City and might uncover secrets. One thing is clear: The series will deal with two different time periods, on the one hand with the 14-year-old Wesker sisters, who reveal secrets and on the other hand the time

a decade later, when the globe is plagued by monsters infected with the T-virus. Here, the 30-year-old Jade will be in the center of attention and you can also look forward to the unveiling of some of her secrets, but rather regarding Jade's family and herself.

As you can see, the basic plot will of course again be about zombies, and showrunner Andrew Dabb promises that there will be something for every "Resident Evil" fan and also for newcomers to the franchise. There is no exact date for the broadcast on Netflix yet, but we will keep you informed as always.

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