After huge success: "the Lion King 2" is in the planning stage

However, star director Jon Favreau is no longer on board

by Pierre Lorenz on October 1, 2020

According to a report in the US magazine Deadline, a new "the Lion King" film is in the works. To the surprise of many fans, Jon Favreau will no longer be on board,

Instead, "Moonlight" authorBarry Jenkins will be the director. More detailed information about the plot is not currently known, but it is clear that photorealistic animals will be used again and that Jeff Nathanson has been hired again as a screenwriter. According to consistent media reports,everything points to the fact that the new film will be a mixture of prequel and sequel. Partly it will be about the prequel of Mufasa, partly about the events after the original film. Whether or not this will be realized together with the renowned cast around Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor, John Oliver, Beyoncé Seth Rogen and Co. is still in the stars. A potential production start is also not yet in sight in view of the unclear situation on the film market. According to deadline, "the Lion King 2" should of course have the highest priority, but on the other hand Jenkins still has a full schedule and other projects in the pipeline. Especially the post-production will, similar to the first part, be a significant part of the project, so we don't expect a release before mid 2022.

Image of The Lion King 2, Ms. Marvel Series, Indiana Jones 5© Disney